Using the services of wedding planners is above all a great way to save time and money. We call the subcontractors on your behalf, or contact them in person even if they are based sometimes hundreds of kilometres away, relieving you of organisational and formal responsibilities.

Wedding planners, knowing the wedding budget of the Bride and Groom, work in such a way as not to exceed it, looking for favourable financial solutions. They know best local, national and foreign wedding subcontractors. Very often cooperating with them enables to negotiate more favourable prices and discounts. Working with a wedding planner is a guarantee of your peace and reduction of the pre-wedding stress. We supervise all deadlines and payments, solve emergency situations and problems. Wedding planners not only handle formal issues, but also advise you on wedding dilemmas related to the selection of outfits, the wedding savoir-vivre. They have the sense and knowledge of decorations and are familiar with the current decorating and floral trends. Knowing the wedding market from the inside, they are interested in the latest trends, cooperate with the best subcontractors who offer their services at the highest level. By employing a wedding planner you largely eliminate the risk of employing subcontractors without experience or passion.

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