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Anna Domańska-Jambrik 

She graduated from Absolute Perfection, a prestigious school for wedding planners in London, and completed trainings conducted by Perfect Day and Stylish Events London, the leading Polish and British wedding agencies. 

She discovered her passion for coordinating events in high school, when she worked in luxury hotels and restaurants organising various types of celebrations and providing service to foreign clients at the highest level.

After obtaining the diploma of hotel technician and a master’s degree in international relations, she went to the United Kingdom where she gained experience in London for the next 10 years.

She discovered her passion for the organisation of the most beautiful ceremony of a lifetime – the wedding ceremony – when she organised her own dream wedding. She knows how much work, effort, stress and time the organisation of this ceremony requires to make sure that everything is buttoned up, even if you supervise the preparations from abroad. Today, from the perspective of time and experience, without hesitation, she would use the help of a professional, eliminating mistakes that cannot be repaired in any way (and there were a lot of them). That is why, wishing to make life easier for future married couples, drawing from her professional and personal experience and a great passion for weddings, she opened the first wedding agency in Zakopane – One Day.

Pursuing her passion for travel, she visits the most beautiful places on Earth every year during numerous trips to places dedicated to young couples as proposals and inspirations for organising a wedding ceremony and reception abroad. To make contacts with the best subcontractors in the wedding industry and follow the latest wedding trends, every year, she participates in a dozen international fairs for professionals from the wedding industry both in Poland and abroad.

It is a great pleasure for her to get to know the expectations of the Bride and Groom, offer them her creative solutions, and then make the agreed vision of the wedding day come true thanks to her careful planning of every detail. She is perfectly aware that the unique character of the ceremony is a result of a lot of seemingly small things, that’s why she always works with a selected group of subcontractors whose services are tailored to the most sophisticated wedding vision.

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